I Have a Dream!

I have a dream! A famous quote from the speech by the same name delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

What is your dream? Is it a dream or a nightmare? Is your dream sent from God or the devil?

Tanya, my wife, and I pray at night when we go to bed for God to inhabit our dreams and give us His thoughts and ideas. 

The devil only sends nightmares to people. God speaks in dreams while you sleep. Most often in dreams that come while awake.

God gives you a reoccurring desire, image, vision, or idea that won’t leave you alone. This is the invitation from heaven to the sons of Adam to create something that never before existed by going somewhere nobody else has gone.

Abraham had to leave the Chaldeans’ familiar land and find his ultimate inheritance in a land he had never seen before.

Heaven yearns for lives totally yielded to the dream of God. 

All real progress depends on totally yielded men and women. All the reformers, revivalists, and culture shapers are examples of laid-down dreamers. In education, Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts built universities. Robertson and Paul Crouch pioneered Christian TV. Loren Cunningham, with YWAM, and Bill Bright with Campus Crusade, both built the world’s largest youth organizations….and there are many other dangerous dreamers, lesser-known on earth but famous forever in heaven.

It’s never too late. Abraham, Moses, and Joshua were all in their later years when God unveiled His wildest dream scenarios to them. (Much of this is borrowed from Dr. Lance Wallnau).

I am one of those who is a “late bloomer.” I’ve always been about 10 years behind others’ natural schedules. I got married to Tanya when I was 36 (much later than my first marriage when I was way too young). I got my first degree, associates, when I was 30. Later I got my Ph.D. degree when I was 40. My doctor of ministry when I was 83. I am still pursuing my dream, but I have survived occasional nightmares…mostly of my own creation. I feel like I am entering the season of life when older men dream dreams that release young men and women to see visions. Dr. Wallnau told me to write the book God had given me when I was about 60. Finally, I wrote that book last year, no, make that books. 

I am now 84. I like to say I’m in my 85th year. I still have dreams. I have more books to write. I have more to communicate to the audiences that invite me to speak. Last week, I spoke to the School of Ministry at Church Alive in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know He has more for me. And I know He has more for all of us. 

What would it be like to be entirely captivated by the Father’s dream for your life? What would it take to make it your waking pursuit? What would you be doing differently? Maybe your prayers should include asking the Father through His Spirit to give you dreams, visions, and new ideas. Or perhaps to rekindle the dreams you’ve allowed to stagnate. 

This week we finally will sleep in our new home in Lufkin, Texas. We moved here this summer. We are pursuing our dream. How about you?

To dreams!

… and God’s blessings.

Published by Spiritual Wanderings

Paul Potter is Author/Teacher for Eagles Rest Ministry. Tanya, his wife, and Paul live in Lufkin, Texas. He was the Founding Director, School of Ministry, Church Alive University, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an ordained minister. As a retired, tenured University Professor, he has served as faculty for the University of North Texas, Stephen F. Austin State University, Xavier University, University of Oklahoma, Angelo State University, and Hardin-Simmons University. He has preached in churches in Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ohio, Kentucky, and pastor’s conferences in Ohio and Alaska. His first major job out of the Air Force was broadcasting as an announcer, journalist, director, and producer in radio and TV. He was producer and announcer of nationally syndicated The Baptist Hour, Master Control, and other radio programs.

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