Spiritual Birthday

Tomorrow is my Spiritual Birthday.

It was on a Sunday, the 8th day of September, that I became a Christian. I will write more about that tomorrow.

My whole life has brought me to the point of a strong desire, I know it is a calling, to speak to others about God. My great longing is to hear the Word of the Lord, to be moved by God’s hand, and to be touched by God. I very much want to have an ear to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking for this generation. And then to speak that Word.

It is an awesome thing when God gets hold of a seasoned man or woman of God, speaks to that person, and touches his or her life. I was first touched and called by the Lord when I was 17. There have been other encounters along the way as I’ve journeyed through life. And now, many years later, and once again, I desire my spirit to awaken afresh to the things of God.

I long for God to say, “I have a new work for you to do. You are well-seasoned for this work I am calling you to. But you’re going to have to seek me with a diligence such as you’ve never known.”

I have been told, “Maybe it is time to retire.” And since I left my last assignment, I’m saying,”I’m retired.” As I look for a new assignment, I sometimes think, “Lord, I’m too old to do that.” As I struggle with that concept, I know, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I’m told by our physician in Austin, that I present 20 years younger than my birth years. I do know I’m not through. Quit is not in me.

I sense, so strongly in my spirit, that God has somewhere, a group, that are hungry for the message God’s anointed me to teach. I sense, If I will continue to seek God diligently, I will see Him do a work that’s going to allow me to serve Him, one more time. And, it will be awesome! Doesn’t Scripture tell us? “Eye has not seen, now ear heard, now has entered into our imagination, the things God has prepared for those that love Him and are called according to His purposes.”

I truly sense that you reading this, and me writing this, “Whether you are a minister or a “lay” Christian, it doesn’t matter how long you have served the Lord; your best days are ahead.” Your best days as a servant of the Lord are still before you. You have been well-seasoned, and God hears your prayers as clearly as He did when you first cried out to Him for Salvation. Yet, it you want Him to fill your days with His fresh touch, you can be sure it is going to cost you something. God doesn’t distribute His anointing heedlessly. And He doesn’t give His anointing if you’re not willing to go intensely into His presence.

Never in our history has this nation needed to hear God’s voice more than now. Never has the Lord needed broken men and women to seek Him more than today.

A crafted prayer:

Lord, use me once again. Touch me, bring me face-to-face before you, put me on my knees, and let me, once again, hear Your voice instructing me. Then use me as You see fit. I am willing, Lord. In the name of Jesus and to His glory alone, Amen.

Published by Spiritual Wanderings

Paul Potter is Author/Teacher for Eagles Rest Ministry. Tanya, his wife, and Paul live in Lufkin, Texas. He was the Founding Director, School of Ministry, Church Alive University, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an ordained minister. As a retired, tenured University Professor, he has served as faculty for the University of North Texas, Stephen F. Austin State University, Xavier University, University of Oklahoma, Angelo State University, and Hardin-Simmons University. He has preached in churches in Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Ohio, Kentucky, and pastor’s conferences in Ohio and Alaska. His first major job out of the Air Force was broadcasting as an announcer, journalist, director, and producer in radio and TV. He was producer and announcer of nationally syndicated The Baptist Hour, Master Control, and other radio programs.

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